Center for Meaning, Work and the Soul


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In our deeply challenged world, where people are under increasing stress and anxiety and organizations are in the midst of huge transitions, many feel a loss of purpose and meaning. Organizations in particular need not only to re-calibrate their business models but need leaders who can lead with new insights; employ radically creative strategies, and give mindful attention to a culture of purpose.


THE CENTER FOR MEANING, WORK AND THE SOUL provides educational and experiential opportunities for working adults to:

  • find or foster intrinsic personal meaning making in their lives
  • use work as a meaningful expression of their journey in creating their desired identity
  • care for their soul in a manner that advances well-being, wholeness and personal and inter-personal performance and engagement

Our educational and experiential offerings are provided by a variety of mature and thoughtful domain experts who bring an integral – mind, body, spirit – approach to their work.  Included in all our opportunities for personal transformation is attention to mindfulness, meditation, and somatic well-being.

A program of Annabel Beerel Consulting.

Current Offerings Include:

Mindfulness and Meditation

Our Mentoring Program

Buddha Mind, Buddha Heart Retreat — Click Here to Register through our partner organization, New England Women’s Leadership Institute (NEWLI)

Mindful Leadership Seminar